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Caspian Power is the Caspian Regionís only exhibition dedicated to the achievements of the power industry. Taking into account the importance of the fuel and energy sector for Azerbaijanís social and economic development, the exhibition is a showcase of innovations, new technologies in the industry and scientific achievements.

The advantages of visiting:

A high-quality market assessment

Maximum market coverage in a short space of time. An opportunity to meet leading power industry players and receive information on the latest technologies and development strategies in the sector.

Business contacts

Four days of intensive business meetings and discussion with leading professionals. The exhibition will provide the conditions for: future development of the regionís power industry, making business contacts, expanding sales markets, launching joint ventures, and promoting investment projects, technologies and equipment in Azerbaijanís market.

Caspian Power Presents:

Power generation and electrical equipment; alternative energy sources; energy-saving and energy efficiency, cable and wire products, lighting.

Leading suppliers of power sector technology from Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Finland and the Czech Republic will all take part in Caspian Power 2013.

We would be delighted to welcome you as a visitor and we hope that your visit will prove productive.

Kind regards,

Tofig Karimov
Project Director

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